Tradition and Beyond: Kalpa Sūtra

1 February - 30 April 2022

The Kalpa Sūtra is a Jain text containing the biographies of the Jain Tirthankaras, notably Parshvanatha and Mahavira. Traditionally ascribed to Bhadrabahu, the last acharya of the undivided Jain sangha and the spiritual teacher of Chandragupta Maurya, the text is placed in the 4th century BCE. 


Indulging her love and connection to traditional art forms Pooja Singhal, the founder of the atelier Tradition & Beyond, began putting together Jain folios from her personal collection through the lock down. Studying historical works has always been the ateliers route to understanding traditional art forms thereby paving a way to revival. Adding another religious art form other than Pichvai to the ateliers portfolio reflects the founders’ continual efforts to revive and uncover India’s beautiful traditional arts.